ImmersiveConcepts body about us

A Brief Description and History of Our Business

Immersive Concepts is a HUBZone Certified Business, which has grown into a diversified organization that provides quality performance through Technical Innovation. Immersive Concepts has attracted a diverse staff of highly trained, experienced and dedicated professionals and is positioned to accept the most challenging client requirements. Immersive Concepts focuses on developing it’s products and services in two ways:

  1. designing the services that meet their clients needs (based on assessment results); and
  2. delivering a quality product or service that fulfills that need. In meeting this goal, Immersive Concepts is dedicated not only to the resolution of complex problems, but also to provide quality and timely services. While Immersive Concepts offers a broad range of services, we provide only one standard performance: excellence.


Immersive Concepts has assembled an exceptional team of consultants and professionals with many years of experience in both the government and the private sector. All are trained and certified on the latest technology and program management techniques. This blend of experience enables Immersive to meet a wide range of challenging and complex customer requirements.

Immersive Concepts’ Diverse Professional and Technical Expertise Includes:


  • Computer Systems Security
  • Technical Documentation
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Program and Systems Management Support
  • Systems and Applications Engineering and Integration
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Operational Support
  • Lab Design and Support
  • Risk Assessment
  • Local and Wide Area Network Development and Support
  • Unified Communications Architecture and Design
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Cloud Design, Integration and Deployment
  • Cyber Solutions

Immersive utilizes an integrated project management approach. The company’s staff is organized into three Divisions; each division being directed by an individual who is knowledgeable and experienced in his/her respective areas of business. This structure ensures that each customer receives personalized attention of a responsible and knowledgeable corporate official throughout the performance of each contract or project undertaken by the company. This “team” approach to business encourages coordination and integration between divisions, provides multi-disciplinary skills, requisite functional knowledge and the management structure from which to quickly address and find solutions to complex customer requirements.