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After years of working hand in hand with customers, manufacturers, and suppliers devising solutions that not only met current technological needs but looked towards the customer’s future state, Immersive Concepts’ CEO Rubin Sloan,  and COO Kevin Roberts, set out to create an in-house testing, configuration, demonstration, and production lab environment at their Beltsville, Maryland headquarter facility. This lab would allow Immersive to continue growing and evolving in service offerings by providing a dedicated space where supply chain services could be provided and managed entirely by Team Immersive. 

In creating this production lab Immersive leadership asked, How do we adequately highlight the latest emerging technology for our customers and get their buy-in on new solutions- without the use of demonstrations? How do we train our staff to ensure manufacturing and industry standards are being upheld from concept to design and through the execution of these solutions? How can we mitigate delays in supply chain management and deployments/installation without having an in-house space dedicated, owned, and operated by our very own team? 

Having helped stand up similar lab environments for partners and customers alike, Immersive’s leadership knew this multi-purpose space would serve as an integral part of how Immersive Concepts develops and provides solutions moving forward. With that in mind, we set out to create a full-service NextGen (NxG) Lab & Integration Center capable of managing Release, Build, Testing, Production, Training, and Staging for internal use, government and commercial customers as well as the community.  

As Immersive Concepts has grown, so has our NextGen (NxG) Lab & Integration Center. Immersive’s team has always worked closely with distributors and dealers to determine the best solution for each customer. The emphasis placed by Immersive on its products and services is two-fold: (1) design the services that meet our client’s real needs, (2) deliver a quality product or service that fulfills that need. Immersive offers full lifecycle services for IT solutions. At our full-service NextGen (NxG) Lab & Integration Center, we host a virtual environment platform so that the IT infrastructure can be configured to support and replicate the several phases of the implementation lifecycle 

The Immersive Concepts’ NextGen (NxG) Lab & Integration Center allows us to procure equipment and drop-ship it to our receiving site. This step enables Team Immersive to conduct pre-configuration and testing activities before delivering customer sites. It also minimizes disruption to service during repairs and upgrades or end-to-end lifecycle management in a controlled and structured approach. We plan for continuity, backup redundancy, diversity, and contingencies to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and failure points throughout the process. Our process includes performing buildouts, testing, and commissioning prior to deployment at customer sites.


Currently, Immersive maintains a 10,000 sq ft Lab facility at our headquarters in Beltsville, Maryland. The space allows us to provide a complete range of services tailored specifically to the needs of our clients by analyzing, developing, and/or improving all functions of their operations supply chain. We plan, locate, qualify and monitor the best IT and AV vendors and suppliers in the world and create solutions that address the most intricate and secure tasks. Immersive’s integration lab environment provides an Integration Center with 2,500 sq ft of Logistics Space,  1,000 sq ft of Secure Integration Space where demonstrations, training and technical solutions are developed, a Training Environment (TRN) that provides hands-on guidance of any supported systems or products. A Staging and Demonstration Environment that also serves to keep our staff abreast of the latest technology initiatives and how best to implement these in our customer spaces. A Release Environment (REL) that serves as a copy of the customer’s or vendor’s delivered out-of-the-box configuration that has no specific changes. This environment is used as a baseline. If Something goes wrong with one of the customer-configured environments, we can test to confirm if it’s the customer’s setup or the vendor’s released product. A Development Environment (DEV, BLD) where customer-specific configuration is done. A Testing Environment (TST) where final solutions-testing is completed before configurations are moved to production. This testing environment is where we can complete the official testing before implementation. We conduct use-case testing, test new systems and integrations. System security testing and implementation planning are also performed in this environment.  Finally, our Production Environment (PRD) allows for configuration settings our successfully tested. We use this environment to complete System Acceptance Test (SAT) Plans, develop our How-to Guides, and complete related Standard Operating Procedures documentation.  

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